25 Gen Winter in Abruzzo: all the best advise for skiers!

The geography of Abruzzo allows you to enjoy at the most any season of the year. Sea and mountains join the horizon to give tourists a proposal long 365 days. During the winter season, Abruzzo is an ideal place for winter holidays together with the Ski...

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25 Gen What to do for your Easter Vacation in Abruzzo: some ideas!

There are different traditions maintained over the years for the celebration of Easter in Abruzzo. In particular, we will post the most fascinating and important that characterize a traditional Easter. Sulmona is the city with major events for Easter. They often have their origins from ancient...

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25 Gen The sea of Giulianova

Surely what characterizes the town of Giulianova is the sea and its sandy beaches, a symbol for tourists and to whom who want to enjoy the outdoor life. In this part of the coast. the water of the Adriatic Sea is very clean and absolutely...

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12 Feb The Carnival in Abruzzo

Carnival is a festival of ancient origins able to stage fascinating traditions typical of each location. The Carnival celebrations in Abruzzo are characterized by beautiful carnival floats, original and colorful masks, and traditional sweeties. The floats are made using structures taken from clay models using paper-mache...

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