A stay at the hotel Cristallo in Giulianova Italy. The best way to live one of the most popular and appreciate tourists destination in Abruzzi

Giulianova is the yellow and red of its colors. Giulianova is the sunrise and sunset of its sun. Giulianova is the color and the warmth of its hospitality, the smell and the taste of the Adriatic Sea. Giulianova is the emotion and the taste of its restaurants. Giulianova is its famous and traditional fish broth, Giulianova is the relaxation of the beach and the culture of an antique and modern City. Giulianova is the enjoyment of its night spot on the seaside and the art its monuments. Giulianova means holidays and vacation all year around: seaside, relax, taste, entertainment, art, culture and traditions. Giulianova is a sea of holidays.

Giulianova: an offer of a quality holidays by the sea of Abruzzi Italy

Giulianova is the pearl of the teramo coast. The hot summer sun which reflected light on the fine sand and crystal-clear water of the Adriatic Sea. Giulianova Lido is its seaside monumental promenade and its new south shoreline. Antique and modern. A game of colors and creativity. The sea of giulianova is sailed by the Green boat of the Environment League that award the Blue Flags, witnesses of a clean and hospitable environment. The ecological rigor, became the symbol of quality tourism, which envelops you in an organized reception. Giulianova is a bike path on the sea kilometers long, which allows tourists to reach by bicycle other towns of the coast, Tortoreto, Alba Adriatica … Giulianova is an holidays of sport and meaning.

Giulianova: a vacation of thousand events

Music and concerts, films and conferences, games and beach party, religious events and local products exposition, theatre and oasis of fun for kids. Giulianova “Libriamoci” is where the children take possession of talent throughout playing and reading they learn how to communicate. Treasures from the farms with traditional products and Memories in the closet and more: Jazz, Soul, Pop, and the Radio 105 Tour. Giulianova surprise with an intense and enjoyable summer vacation full of fun for the whole family.

Things to visit in and around Giulianova

A seaside holidays in Giulianova at the Hotel Cristallo represent an unforgettable experience: discover an antique and modern land, heart and head, sea and mountains, history and future.
We are looking forward to having you as a guest in Giulianova Lido, book now.