Labor Holiday 2013: a perfect vacation anticipating the summer by the the sea of Giulianova

The holiday of the first of May is the launching pad for the summer, at that time the tourists came to visit and usually choose Giulianova one of the best place for your  summer holidays.

The occasion is perfect to take a few days to rest and relax, allowing himself a break before the summer holidays in a land full of opportunities for outdoor life: sea, mountain, nature, summer and winter sports.

Most of the activities of Giulianova reopens its doors from April 25 and guests will have the opportunity to indulge time for shopping and gastronomic tours.
A lot of events will not betray your expectations

Arrived at the 12th edition, the Trans-Adriatic Sailing Regatta will start just the 1st of May 2013 at 14.30 departing from the Tourist Port of Giulianova. The itinerary for the many boats has several stages until to reach the popular resort of Vis in Croatia.

The Lunch of the 1st of May will feature a wonderful tradition: Le Virtues Teramane. In the restaurants will be served exactly 7 different ingredients  in the form of soup made ​​from lentils, chickpeas, beans, peas, beans and barley.

In most of the Abruzzo cities will still be organized attractions of all sorts as stalls, exhibitions and festivals.

Squares, hotels, shops, restaurants and nightclubs will enjoy the presence of hundreds of guests who have decided to spend a few days off in Giulianova.

Hotels and restaurants will be able to recommend the right itinerary for every nee.

The art aperitif on Friday night

Back the Art exhibition at the Hotel Cristallo, the appointment with “The happy hour aperitif on Friday“, the unbeaten  weekly culinary and cultural meeting in Giulianova. Friday, March 22 from 18.30, in addition to enjoying the great food at the buffet and the delicious drink, with the usual background music, you will have the opportunity to know the artist Nunzio Martiniani, who will present the exhibition “Paintings with Heart“, a review of his most representative masterpieces.

The paintings of Nunzio Martiniani surround us and those involved with their fairy-tale elements powerfully that burst and break out from the canvas, to flatter and to invite us to make the leap, to cross the magic threshold, the threshold that the artist has passed. From the reality, in his paintings, remain only the most beautiful things. Calm soothing landscapes: a nocturnal body of water on which is reflected a smiling crescent moon, small sails that ply the surface, shells and rocks eroded by the sea, a lush green meadow studded with flowers under a clear sky. There is also the farmhouse with its barn and its sloping roof. But on so many minute realistic details, breaks the magical element: sand castle, become so impressive to project ourselves in the enchanted world of the king and knights, fairies and magicians. And the tree, which is so natural in a bucolic landscape undergoes a metamorphosis and loads of hearts, big, red buttons as the passion that inspired the artist to create his works. Windows into a different world, the one dreamed or fantasized, but without forgetting the reality, the true one, in order to facilitate our transit from one dimension to another, to help us keep alive Apollo and Dionysus in us, reason and imagination.

Trendy Beach bar in Giulianova: let’s introduce our Cristallo Beach & Grill

The Cristallo beach is located just 200 meters on the left from the elegant Hotel Cristallo of Giulianova. It is a fully equipped private beach whose organization makes available various services.

The part of the sea that lick the beaches of Giulianova in Abruzzo is characterized by crystal clear and transparent water that for many years earned the Blue Flag of the European Union. A large area of sandy beaches provide a comfortable rest in complete freedom and relaxation.

The Cristallo Beach & Grill offers its guests sunbeds, deck chairs and umbrellas without forgetting the needs of children. In fact, the young guests can spend time at the Baby Club: a fully equipped area for children organized by the hotel and the animation staff. Games, songs and group dances to spend time safely freeing parents.

This area is also equipped with a bar, serving snacks, drinks, cocktails and ice cream.

On the beach, you can rent pedal boats for some short trips at sea and take a dip in the deeper water. For the more adventurous, nearby you can also rent a windsurf or sailing boat.

Every vacations needs of relaxation, peace and freedom … at the Cristallo Beach & Grill is possible!

The Carnival in Abruzzo

Carnival is a festival of ancient origins able to stage fascinating traditions typical of each location. The Carnival celebrations in Abruzzo are characterized by beautiful carnival floats, original and colorful masks, and traditional sweeties.

The floats are made using structures taken from clay models using paper-mache and resin, creating original figures and caricatures.

The Carnival of Francavilla al Mare showcases every year the famous mask Patanello, also known as “King of Carnival”, a figure born at the beginning of 900, which is told a particular desire to binge.

The Carnival becomes a time when everything becomes licit, where everyone loses its identity and role in society. Often the events are accompanied by concerts, theater, cabaret and strict costume parties.

Particularly interesting are the Carnival of Montorio al Vomano, Ortona and the one in Sulmona.

Huge traditions in Abruzzo also from the culinary point of view. How in the world, the festival is accompanied by delicious desserts: chiacchiere, cicerchiata, sweet ravioli and scrippelle Abruzzesi.

Now it’s time to wear the mask and enjoy the streets!

Photo: Luciana Valentino

Giulianova Aperitif: the Friday night lights the culture and refined tastes.

The stylist aperitif in Giulianova is located only at the Aleph American Bar on the Lungomare Zara, location located inside the elegant Hotel Cristallo.

Every Friday from 06.30 pm and throughout the evening we offer drink and quality buffet accompanied by live music. The formula is the appetizer dinner, because every customer has the opportunity to spend the whole evening in a comfortable environment and in pleasant company.

“This is not just an Aperitif – says Alessio Casaccia, owner of the restaurant – in fact, every evening follow its own thread and it is different. We thought to create a way to meet, close to the weekend just like in the big cities … “.

Every Friday are offered an unusual different dishes prepared with care from the kitchen of Restaurant Cristallo: champagne and oysters, fish grilled on salt stone, paella, sangria, chocolate, sweeties and fruits.

The occasion is also good for cultural events such as art exhibitions, photo exhibitions and book presentations.

As part of these events were involved:

  • Paola di Domenico with his solo exhibition “Twenty-nine”
  • Gaetano Cartone who proposed the photographic exhibition “Ironheart”.
  • Giorgia Evangelista who sported “The Reversal of Fairy Tale”
  • La Riva art Gallery that showed guests the greatest artists of the twentieth-century Italian, with an exhibition of great prestige.

A proposal that draws on support and success from the public of all ages, who decide to spend in an unusual way a normal Friday night.

Travel on a Vespa crossing the World

Many are the experiences of young and not so young people who decide to travel on two wheels. The important thing is the style of travel: weblog Vespa!

While surfing the web you can find lots of advice to those who have undertaken a “journey of life” carrying the bare essentials and travelled thousands of miles to reach the goal.

London, Moscow and Tokyo in a vehicle without age which is often found in the  grandparents garage. A few repair, not even painted and ready to departure for a trip that turns into a lifetime experience.

Even thought the spirit of adaptation make the trip a lot less tiring, sometime, the luxury of being able to sit in a hotel room make the rest more comfortable.

The budget for a trip from Italy to Japan is nearly € 5000 and the time required is about 4 months.

Variables along the way are many, more or less dangerous, but you must always pay a lot of attention to all different situations that may arise.

Hotel and Sustainable Tourism: Italy ranks second in Europe

According to a recent study, Italians Hotel would be second in Europe about the focus on sustainability in tourism.

The survey conducted by TripAdvisor at the end of 2012 has involved a number of hotels around the world, especially in Italy 3000 hotels.

Almost all hoteliers surveyed said that it would be appropriate to adopt green measures within its structure and even 4 of 5 say they use tricks to make the activity more environmentally sustainable.

The sustainability of an hotel not only passes through guaranteed energy savings such as the use of energy saving light bulbs, but it comes also for example from the division of waste left by guests in the rooms.

During a new construction or a renovation Choose Green Building allows significant energy savings for the future due to the thermal performance provided by its materials as well as being an important guarantee for those who live the environment.

Five things you always carry in your suitcase!

Travelling the world is always good not to forget home some basic objects to be peaceful for a holiday or a business trip. The variables in this respect are different and depend often by the hotel chosen for your stay.

  1. Documents: wherever you travel a document is always indispensable. The passport most of all, it ensures safety and is accepted by any hotel, airline or local authority. If you have not provided the rental car is best left at home Driver’s License: generally not accepted by anyone.
  2. Beauty Case: any tourist or businessman has his own habits about personal hygiene and for this reason it is always recommended to bring what is considered essential to better enjoy their trip without any worries whatsoever. High-end hotels are increasingly offering their customers every accessory including slippers, shampoo, comb and toothbrush. Conversely housing such as hostels or B & B are not supplied with all accessories and so it is best to bring from home. Today, airlines baggage claim increasingly smaller and lighter, so it’s up to everyone the right choice of accommodation for their habits.
  3. Electrical Socket Adapter: country you visit, as the Romans do! Despite international organizations seek to even out power grids all over the world, in every country / continent we can find different outlets and especially different voltages and frequencies outlet. Often battery chargers for cell phones and laptops have the ability to adapt to the type of power supply that meets, but it is not always the case. In any case, the electrical outlets can have different shapes, so it is better to find all the information before to live  in order to avoid paying a lot for an adapter at the airport.
  4. Shoes: It may seem trivial but the shoes are an essential item of clothing on holiday, so it is important to remember to bring a second pair. Are strictly personal and allow you to move freely in the city. Along with the shoes should not forget slippers or flip flops if you stay in seaside resorts. There is nothing more uncomfortable than a pair of shoes that cause pain or impatience. Also, having a spare pair of shoes can assure you that if it is raining and the shoes get wet you have the change.
  5. Medicines often during a trip you happen to need medication to fix some minor health problems. Carry the medicines most commonly used at home, allows you to return to health as soon as possible. Abroad some medicines need to be prescribed. Headache, fever and colds can be cured quickly with the help of common drugs, but the most serious diseases always require a doctor.

What is missing in this case?

Quality of life: the most virtuous city of Abruzzo is Teramo

Already for a couple years the province of Teramo is in the first position in terms of quality of life in the region. The evaluation criteria are based on economic indicators, social, safety, standard of living, health care and the environment.

The survey carried out by the newspaper “Italy Today ” once again confirms that the provinces of the region will advance some positions at the national level and this is without doubt an outstanding result.

In particular, social factors and well-being were decisive to keep this position. In the future, Abruzzo will be working mainly on its economical growth, improving the labour market in order to be aggressively competitive with northern regions.

At the beginning of 2013 a lot of recognitions to boost the year to come.