What to do for your Easter Vacation in Abruzzo: some ideas!

There are different traditions maintained over the years for the celebration of Easter in Abruzzo. In particular, we will post the most fascinating and important that characterize a traditional Easter.

Sulmona is the city with major events for Easter. They often have their origins from ancient pagans and subsequently converted to the Christian tradition. During the sacred Friday is possible to participate in the procession of the dead Christ accompanied by the orchestra and choir “confratelli del saio rosso” of over 100 singers.

Particularly followed event is the one of “Madonna che scappa” during the Sunday morning of Easter. Around noon in Piazza Garibaldi you can watch the fascinating tradition that sees a Madonna dressed in mourning that seeing the risen of Jesus Christ runs up to him getting rid of the black dress and releasing some white colombe.

Even in Chieti the procession of the dead Christ gathers thousands of visitors from all neighboring regions. Interesting is the path marked by violins playing the Miserere of Selecchy.

In addition to this, you can find the Holy Thorn in Vasto, the Living Passion in Gessopalena and the Via Crucis of Guardiagrele.

Also on Friday in Atri, one of the most interesting historical centers of central Italy, you can watch the procession of the dead Christ starting from the Cathedral around the streets of the city before till the and back to the old square of the cathedral.

Since 4 a.m in the morning, in Teramo, start the procession dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows in memory and remembrance of the pain experienced by the mother of the Messiah in search of her dead son.

Abruzzo together with its religious traditions offers a series of events which connected allow you to know many small towns, museums and historic sites.

The nature of this region, weather permitting, offers fun for those who want to spend Easter outdoors taking advantage of the first sunshine along the Adriatic seaside or rent a bike to cycle long paths in the woods.

Bars, restaurants and hotels will be able to indicate or recommend the main attractions which will allow you to discover numerous religious and culinary traditions of the Easter period.

The sea of Giulianova

Surely what characterizes the town of Giulianova is the sea and its sandy beaches, a symbol for tourists and to whom who want to enjoy the outdoor life. In this part of the coast. the water of the Adriatic Sea is very clean and absolutely suitable for all types of things to do on vacation.

Groups of friends, families with children, young couples or old can relax thanks to the many services that the sandy beaches of giulianova con offer.

Those Great beaches are equipped with umbrellas and sun beds in order to ensure the maximum comfort for the Italian and foreign guests.

On the beach you can practice many sports such as beach volleyball, beach tennis, table tennis, sailing, wind surfing and water sports in general.

The promenade of Giulianova is characterized by beautiful palm trees and plenty of beach-bar, shops, hotels and restaurants offering fresh fish or quick lunch every day.
Giulianova also has a port, which is exactly between the Salinello rever and Tordino. Its consists of two piers. Ideal for those who love to travel by boat or to whom interested in fishing.

Choose Giulianova for your italian holidays by the sea, means choosing the Abruzzo!