Five things you always carry in your suitcase!

Travelling the world is always good not to forget home some basic objects to be peaceful for a holiday or a business trip. The variables in this respect are different and depend often by the hotel chosen for your stay.

  1. Documents: wherever you travel a document is always indispensable. The passport most of all, it ensures safety and is accepted by any hotel, airline or local authority. If you have not provided the rental car is best left at home Driver’s License: generally not accepted by anyone.
  2. Beauty Case: any tourist or businessman has his own habits about personal hygiene and for this reason it is always recommended to bring what is considered essential to better enjoy their trip without any worries whatsoever. High-end hotels are increasingly offering their customers every accessory including slippers, shampoo, comb and toothbrush. Conversely housing such as hostels or B & B are not supplied with all accessories and so it is best to bring from home. Today, airlines baggage claim increasingly smaller and lighter, so it’s up to everyone the right choice of accommodation for their habits.
  3. Electrical Socket Adapter: country you visit, as the Romans do! Despite international organizations seek to even out power grids all over the world, in every country / continent we can find different outlets and especially different voltages and frequencies outlet. Often battery chargers for cell phones and laptops have the ability to adapt to the type of power supply that meets, but it is not always the case. In any case, the electrical outlets can have different shapes, so it is better to find all the information before to live  in order to avoid paying a lot for an adapter at the airport.
  4. Shoes: It may seem trivial but the shoes are an essential item of clothing on holiday, so it is important to remember to bring a second pair. Are strictly personal and allow you to move freely in the city. Along with the shoes should not forget slippers or flip flops if you stay in seaside resorts. There is nothing more uncomfortable than a pair of shoes that cause pain or impatience. Also, having a spare pair of shoes can assure you that if it is raining and the shoes get wet you have the change.
  5. Medicines often during a trip you happen to need medication to fix some minor health problems. Carry the medicines most commonly used at home, allows you to return to health as soon as possible. Abroad some medicines need to be prescribed. Headache, fever and colds can be cured quickly with the help of common drugs, but the most serious diseases always require a doctor.

What is missing in this case?