Labor Holiday 2013: a perfect vacation anticipating the summer by the the sea of Giulianova

The holiday of the first of May is the launching pad for the summer, at that time the tourists came to visit and usually choose Giulianova one of the best place for your  summer holidays.

The occasion is perfect to take a few days to rest and relax, allowing himself a break before the summer holidays in a land full of opportunities for outdoor life: sea, mountain, nature, summer and winter sports.

Most of the activities of Giulianova reopens its doors from April 25 and guests will have the opportunity to indulge time for shopping and gastronomic tours.
A lot of events will not betray your expectations

Arrived at the 12th edition, the Trans-Adriatic Sailing Regatta will start just the 1st of May 2013 at 14.30 departing from the Tourist Port of Giulianova. The itinerary for the many boats has several stages until to reach the popular resort of Vis in Croatia.

The Lunch of the 1st of May will feature a wonderful tradition: Le Virtues Teramane. In the restaurants will be served exactly 7 different ingredients  in the form of soup made from lentils, chickpeas, beans, peas, beans and barley.

In most of the Abruzzo cities will still be organized attractions of all sorts as stalls, exhibitions and festivals.

Squares, hotels, shops, restaurants and nightclubs will enjoy the presence of hundreds of guests who have decided to spend a few days off in Giulianova.

Hotels and restaurants will be able to recommend the right itinerary for every nee.