The art aperitif on Friday night

Back the Art exhibition at the Hotel Cristallo, the appointment with “The happy hour aperitif on Friday“, the unbeaten  weekly culinary and cultural meeting in Giulianova. Friday, March 22 from 18.30, in addition to enjoying the great food at the buffet and the delicious drink, with the usual background music, you will have the opportunity to know the artist Nunzio Martiniani, who will present the exhibition “Paintings with Heart“, a review of his most representative masterpieces.

The paintings of Nunzio Martiniani surround us and those involved with their fairy-tale elements powerfully that burst and break out from the canvas, to flatter and to invite us to make the leap, to cross the magic threshold, the threshold that the artist has passed. From the reality, in his paintings, remain only the most beautiful things. Calm soothing landscapes: a nocturnal body of water on which is reflected a smiling crescent moon, small sails that ply the surface, shells and rocks eroded by the sea, a lush green meadow studded with flowers under a clear sky. There is also the farmhouse with its barn and its sloping roof. But on so many minute realistic details, breaks the magical element: sand castle, become so impressive to project ourselves in the enchanted world of the king and knights, fairies and magicians. And the tree, which is so natural in a bucolic landscape undergoes a metamorphosis and loads of hearts, big, red buttons as the passion that inspired the artist to create his works. Windows into a different world, the one dreamed or fantasized, but without forgetting the reality, the true one, in order to facilitate our transit from one dimension to another, to help us keep alive Apollo and Dionysus in us, reason and imagination.