The Carnival in Abruzzo

Carnival is a festival of ancient origins able to stage fascinating traditions typical of each location. The Carnival celebrations in Abruzzo are characterized by beautiful carnival floats, original and colorful masks, and traditional sweeties.

The floats are made using structures taken from clay models using paper-mache and resin, creating original figures and caricatures.

The Carnival of Francavilla al Mare showcases every year the famous mask Patanello, also known as “King of Carnival”, a figure born at the beginning of 900, which is told a particular desire to binge.

The Carnival becomes a time when everything becomes licit, where everyone loses its identity and role in society. Often the events are accompanied by concerts, theater, cabaret and strict costume parties.

Particularly interesting are the Carnival of Montorio al Vomano, Ortona and the one in Sulmona.

Huge traditions in Abruzzo also from the culinary point of view. How in the world, the festival is accompanied by delicious desserts: chiacchiere, cicerchiata, sweet ravioli and scrippelle Abruzzesi.

Now it’s time to wear the mask and enjoy the streets!

Photo: Luciana Valentino