Travel on a Vespa crossing the World

Many are the experiences of young and not so young people who decide to travel on two wheels. The important thing is the style of travel: weblog Vespa!

While surfing the web you can find lots of advice to those who have undertaken a “journey of life” carrying the bare essentials and travelled thousands of miles to reach the goal.

London, Moscow and Tokyo in a vehicle without age which is often found in the  grandparents garage. A few repair, not even painted and ready to departure for a trip that turns into a lifetime experience.

Even thought the spirit of adaptation make the trip a lot less tiring, sometime, the luxury of being able to sit in a hotel room make the rest more comfortable.

The budget for a trip from Italy to Japan is nearly € 5000 and the time required is about 4 months.

Variables along the way are many, more or less dangerous, but you must always pay a lot of attention to all different situations that may arise.