Your Spring Break on April 25th in Giulianova: discovering Abruzzo

Usually, The town of Giulianova around April 25 open its summer season, in accordance with the weather. Many shops, bars, restaurants, discos, beaches, parks and hotels in the area, usually closed during the winter Re-open for the summer season that habitually runs from may to September. Spring is running and then who can, should take advantage of the long Break that lies ahead for a few moments of relaxation.

Many events are planned in the period, dedicated precisely to attract as many people as possible to Giulianova.

Among the various proposals, a route may also include pleasant excursions to the nearby mountain resorts, where you can admire the wonders of the Abruzzo National Park and the nearby Gran Sasso.

Considering the change of the season and the opening of most of the shops of Giulianova, surely you would not miss the shopping opportunities, perhaps to choose the last release bathing suit for next summer.

April 25 the perfect break to relax, taste the refined cuisine and enjoy the Abruzzo waiting your summer holidays.