New rooftop terrace with three Jacuzzi pools

Piscine idromassaggio sul roof garden dell'Hotel Cristallo di Giulianova

The fresh scent of the sea, the breeze full of iodine, the view of the beach, the top of the pines trees of the park, the sun that warms the skin and the soft soothing massage of the water …. is not a dream but just the unique experience of the new rooftop terrace.

On the top floor of the hotel. Relaxation and comfort in a wonderful feeling of well-being. Three whirlpools of last generation, with water constantly filtered and kept at the ideal temperature, light and pleasant massage in the right places to complete your wellness holiday in Abruzzo coast.

A few meters from the sea we offer you the benefits of hydrotherapy, anti-stress and muscle tension, to relax, strengthen, tone, improve mood, facilitate the movement and maybe relieve some minor joint pain.

What are you waiting, take the elevator! Relaxation and well-being are waiting for you on the terrace.