The Hotel Cristallo is growing in green architecture

Camere in bioarchitettuta all'hotel Cristallo di Giulianova

A new floor entirely constructed in  bio-architecture: an absolute innovation for the Abruzzo coast.

A major innovation for the hospitality and tourism in Abruzzo: Hotel Cristallo, as part of a general restructuring, now has a new floor designed and built entirely in green building.
 Over 500 square meters, with new guest rooms, suites and many new services that will make the stay very comfortable for the numerous guests who choose their holiday on the beautiful beach of Giulianova.

The Hotel Cristallo is a modern 4 star hotel situated on the seafront promenade of Giulianova, is characterized by a long tradition of quality and success, great dynamism, passion and innovation. That’s why he chose to expand its range of offerings proposing accommodation in rooms made in bio-architecture.

Elegance and comfort characterize the new Hotel Cristallo bio-floor, in which there has been created BIO COMFORT rooms of different types, some of which are arranged on two levels. There is also a BIO COMFORT J.Suite, with a private cabin for sauna, turkish bath and chromotherapy.

The new rooms were built entirely in bio-architecture, using solid wood cross axis, which makes the construction solid, seismic and absolutely ecological. The materials used also have a particular heat capacity, which minimizes the changes in temperature inside the room and the dispersion of heat. The furnishings are exclusively of natural origin: wood, stone and leather upholstery collection “Jaguar Interior Design”, a perfect blend of comfort and craftsmanship.

A new feature that further enhances the quality of a prestigious hotel, engaged for generations  to offer a unique stay in Giulianova, thanks to the numerous services, to the family governance and the great care given to customers by an highly professional staff.

Press release 27 May 2009